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Some Leaderboards stopped updating after 2015/12/14


I got some issues about leaderboard.

1. I use only one event to post scores. Attributes : SCORE, AREA, DAY(start of today).

2. I have several leaderboards linked to the event. 

    Ex : LB1 only sums SCOREs,

           LB2 sums scores, grouped by AREA

           LB3 sums scores, grouped by AREA and DAY

3. I'm using system script to post few scores every minute to test. 

4. Only LB3 is keeping updated now, LB1 and LB2 (without DAY) stopped updating. And the last updates are at 23:5x 2015/12/14.

5. I try to build a new leaderboard same as LB1. When users post score, their name shows in the new LB, but the entries is still old, same as LB1 which is stuck on 2015/12/14.

Are there some changes applied to Leaderboard??

Or any setting should be set carefully?

Please help or my leaderboard cannot work anymore.


Hi Jo

We haven't changed our leaderboards.
We will look into this and get back to you as soon as we can.




I created another game with the same configs.

And then I found the LB1 only updates on the first day.

Simply saying, the entries in LB1 are only updated on the first day users posted.

The entries in LB1 are not updated after the end of the first day users posted.

I guess it is related the Day group, but I don't know how to avoid it.

Please help.



I created a new game to test it (gameId = 295722) with simplified configs.

1. Add event "post score" with a) score(SUM) and b) area

2. create two LBs: LB1 is tracking score(SUM), 

                              LB2 is tracking score(SUM), and grouped by area.

3. Post scores 3 times : (10,"US"), (10,"TW"), (10,"TW")

    LB2.area.US shows (10,US)

    LB2.area.TW shows (20,TW)

But LB1 shows only (10)

4. Post score again : (10,"US")

LB2.area.US shows (20,US)

LB2.area.TW shows (20,TW)

But LB1 shows only (20) with the same timestamp as LB2.area.US

Which seems the LB1 only tracks the first set (player with attribute area="US").

And it is not expected. 

Is it a bug or should I change the way to use LB? Maybe use Running Total?

My original configs are more complicated that are grouped by Day, even Week.

My target is to have 

a total score LB, 

an Area score LB, (grouped by area)

a Daily score LB   (grouped by day)

a Daily Area score LB (grouped by both).

Please help and feel free to take a look at gameId = 295722.



I have a similar problem, but for me the score is grouped by Week instead of day.
All leaderboards work fine until a player reaches Week 2 (day 2 in your case).

After that point, the leaderboards that don't specify to be grouped by a specific week (or day), keep showing the score submitted with day 1.

What I think is that there are multiple values stored in the leaderboard for that player (for example score 100 - day 1, score 200 day 2) and it only takes the first one.


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