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connect to GS without sdk?

I've made a tool that I use to create the JSON for my game cause writing it manually for loot tables and such just blows...hard..

I made the tool in C# WPF and I'm wondering if there is anyway that I could hook up 1 or 2 cloud code events to this tool so when I save it would upload the Data directly to my backend on GS. 

Such as, if I go and add some items via my tool, I'd love to hit Save and have it upload the new item table (or just the new items even) to my database in GS. 

Is it possible?

Best Answer
We now have a base-C# SDK available here.


Hey Travis,

I'm actually not sure.
As far as i know the connection to GS is just opening a websocket to your game, so you can have a secure line of communication. You will therefore have to have some way of connecting to a websocket, and rather than building that yourself, it think you'd be quicker using our SDK.

We haven't yet gotten around to testing a pure C# SDK, but the Unity SDK has no platform dependencies to Unity, so once stripped out of the unity package, it should work with some coercion. The answer is we don't really know, but I've no reason to believe it is restricted.

We may be looking into a C# sdk in the future with will help you do what you are looking for a bit quicker than writing your own login for GameSparks.



Thanks for the response, that's cool to know. 

Is there any specific class files I should try to grab out of the SDK to test with? I'm assuming MyGameSparks and GameSparksSettings, but not sure if there is more that I might need. I'm gonna try to give it a shot when I get home from work so I guess we'll see if I can get it working :P

Well I made my event for GS to call, next up is the fact that I can't seem to do the connect to GS itself. 

Been looking around trying to figure out how I do the initial GS call like when you start up a Unity Game. If I can do that then I should be able to do my authorize no problem I hope. 

The only other problem I ran into when trying to send a request is that VS is the following error.

They are the same dll's from the Unity sdk itself..any idea why it's saying it can't use it? Net says because it's not built right but I don't see how it could have broken by just being referenced...

K the only things that I've found so far that are decently Unity dependent are in the PlatformBase (which I apparently forgot to import before as well)

There's a good chunk in there that uses PlayerPrefs and SystemInfo which are Unity specific. If I can get some help on what I can turn these into (even it if's just hard coding since the tool will only be run on PC's anyways) it would be a good step forward to figuring out how to use it in C# without Unity.

 No problem Travis,

I'll pass this onto tech-support and they will communicate with you when they get a chance.


We now have a base-C# SDK available here.


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