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Dynamic Forms write access to metadata collection

I get that we don't want metadata collections to be "read/write" by any authenticated client. So gamesparks only allows server-authenticated users to edit metadata. Currently it's also only through the NoSQL explorer. 

However I don't know why you can't write to metadata collections from Dynamic Forms (let me know if this is incorrect). Now, you may say that metadata collections are only good for static type info that rarely changes, but it would still be nice for formatting purposes for data you want versioned and safeguarded by the publish process.

For a simple example, one of my metadata collections is a gameSettings collection. In there I store various fields, one of them being the current season in the game (e.g. fall, winter, summer, spring). Of course on the client it's an enum so it's really stored as an int from 0-3. So now every time I want to change the season I have to look up the enum name to int conversion on my client and get the right number. Using strings instead is obviously even more risky. But I could just bake that logic into a dynamic form if gamesparks let me!

So I realized the "hack" to make things a little better is to make a duplicate collection that is a runtime collection. Then the dynamic forms can read from the metadata one, modify the data and save to the runtime copy. Then I can manually copy the formatted json and paste it in. But this still seems like an unnecessary inconvenience unless I'm missing something.

Hmm. It seems like the NoSQL Rest Api could possibly be used to achieve want I want. If so, how would I go about doing that in a dynamic form. Would I have to authenticate?

Apologies for the triple posting!

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