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Platform Release 2015-12-03

This release mainly consists of the additions of the Custom ID fields for Leaderboards and improvements to Matchmaking. As well as improvements to our own internal testing, we've added some new features such as the ability to switch the game ownership to another game Collaborator via the REST API.  Check out the list below:

Story ---      Added a new option to Events ("Supplemental") and Leaderboards ("NONE") to allow data to be persisted without affecting the score or rankings (4339)
Story ---     Added an option to include a custom ID Leaderboard field in the Leaderboard entries (4341)
Story ---     Re-styled the ScriptMessage Extensions tab in Messages, if no Extensions are defined    (4203)                                                               
Story ---     Added the ability to transfer game ownership to one of the games Collaborators via REST API    (4605)                                                               
Story ---     SparkHttpImpl errors are now recorded in NoSQL's script.log    (4047)                                                               
Story ---     CMD+S (Mac) & CTRL+S (Windows) can save when editing Screens/Snippets in the Manage section    (4651)                                                               
Story ---     Cloud Code hiStory ---  line numbers used to start from 1 instead of 0.  This is now fixed.    (4579)                                                               
Story ---     When Matchmaking Min. Players threshold is reached, it used to find a Match with the minimum number of Players, regardless of subsequent thresholds on the Match configuration     (4773)                                                               
Story ---     We no longer write operationCounter records if the values are all 0    (4993)                                                           
Bug-fix ---     The select-picker component used in Dynamic Forms modal-small caused the drop-down list to appear behind the modal    (4249)                                                               
Bug-fix ---     Manage section Screen editor Is now scrollable    (4531)                                                               
Bug-fix ---     In the GameSparks Debugger, the value null and "null" weren't visually different.  This is now fixed.    (4645)                                                               
Bug-fix ---     Entering {"_id": 0} in "Fields" and editing a row in a collection caused an error    (3697)                                                               
Bug-fix ---     Create ScriptMessage Extensions modal form is called "Edit"    (4201)                                                               
Bug-fix ---     Cloud Code examples have been corrected in the API documentation    (4891)                                                               
Bug-fix ---     Null pointer exceptions when the  displayName or externalDisplayName is null (if you could ever make it happen!)    (4899)