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SocialLeaderboardDataRequest fails when friend has identical score

It seems that SocialLeaderboardDataRequest excludes friends that have the same score as the player.

This works as expected with normal LeaderboardDataRequest but not with SocialLeaderboardDataRequest.

Example scenario:

Player A, B and C are friends

Player A scores 100 pts

Player B score 100 pts

Player A can only see himself on the leaderboard

Player B can only see himself on the leaderboard

Player C can see both on the leaderboard

Can you reproduce the issue? I can give you more details about my setup if needed.

I have verified the issue on Test Harness so my client code is working as expected.

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Hi Paavo,

The dev team is aware of this issue and have fixed it for an upcoming release.

I'll update this post or you can look for it on the announcements page.



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