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DismissMessageRequest for multiple messages

A simple way to dismiss multiple messages at once would be nice.

Hey Baris,

Is there a large list of messages that need to be dismissed?
Do you want to do this call from the client, holding a list of message-ids somewhere on that side?



Hi Sean,

Yes.. If the user has a bunch of a certain kind of message, we let her dismiss all of them at once (or just the ones she wants) from the client. We hold the message-ids on the client side.

Hey Baris,

There currently isnt a out-of-the-box method for deleting batch messages, and we agree that it is necessary, so we've added it to our feature backlog and hope to get to it in due course. In the mean-time i suggest a custom event that would send the message-id list, and loop-through the message dismiss in cloud-code.



Ah, ok, thanks.. I had missed Spark.dismissMessage, and thought I would have to create a bunch of DismissMessageRequests in cloud code.

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