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Everything is Unity - Where's the UE4 documentation?

I was enthused at first to find out how quick and easy blueprints were to get started on with Gamesparks - however I've hit a brick wall with facebook login integration and started poking around for documentation - only to see that there is hardly any (if any at all) for UE4 support.

Everything is tailored to Unity.

Do you guys plan on supporting UE4 more heavily?  Are you actively creating documentation for tutorials & learning paths for your product?  Out of the box it worked up to a certain point - basic authentication.  then all documentation and training seems to go right to Unity.  Prime example is your youtube channel - not one UE4 related video (or C++ for that matter).

Would love to see more support in this field... it was easy to implement and get started with base authentication but the puck stopped there :(

no I definitely got this and I'm not baggin on the service... please don't take it that way!  This was the first among 3 (Amazon Web Services & Photon) that worked out of the box!!!  I'm very pleased with how easy everything has been up until this point.

I understand the SDK amount and how long it takes to build tutorials.  If you need a guinea pig or some free help, I'd love to signup to help out!  PLease by all means reach out if you would like some community service help :)


Hey Dan,

Our UE4 SDK is relatively new and we are trying to get our documentation up to date. We are currently in the process of overhauling all our documentation and tutorials for all our SDKs and providing videos for as much content as we can, but given we currently have 9 SDKs, but may take some time, so please bear with us, and feel free to reach out on the forums if you need help with anything.

We have recently complected a UE4 'Quick Start' guide which does go further than just authentication, you may have missed it, so in case you want to check it out, you can find it here.



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