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Cloud code editor... automatically add unneeded "dot"


With the recently update of Cloud code editor, there is a new bug.

When I type "." after a variable, and then type any other character, editor automatically adds another "." which causes two dots like "a..key".

It's really annoying for coding.

Please fix it.

BTW, I'm using Safari on Mac OSX. didn't test with other browser .

Thanks a lot!


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Hello Jo,

Could you please provide me with additional information as I was unable to replicate the issue using:

OSX: Yosemite 10.10.5

Safari: 9.0.1 (10601.2.7.2)

Could you provide the minimal example of a script that would replicate this issue, the location of your Cloud Code, is it an event etc.



Here is the video.

I found that in my code, there is a node.js require ( like require('./aaa.js') ).

That is because I test some code locally by node.js, and in Sparks Env. the require is not really executed.

Once there is a dot inside the quotation mark of the require function, the bug happens.

Thanks a lot!


Ahh I see what's going on here. GameSparks require isn't like node.js require, when you call require, you're requiring one of the Modules you've setup in the Cloud Code area. When creating a module, you're not allowed to use . in your module name, for this reason requiring a module with a . is an invalid approach. Simply don't put any dots in your require and everything will work as expected. I will however note this down as an issue.




This bug exists and has nothing to do with require(). :) I run into it all the time.

I'm on MacOSX 10.10 using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit).

100% repro:

Instantiate an object with some fields and assign it to a variable. Reference that variable, and type "." for code completion. Select an auto-completion field. Observe that an extra dot was added when the completion field was inserted.

Seems to only happen with assigned variables which are references to objects with fields.

In my most recent case, it looks like this:


Hope that helps!



Hi Jason,

We are aware of this issue and it should be fixed shortly in the coming weeks. 

Kind regards,

 - Steve

Awesome, thank you! :)

This issue still exists for me.

It still exists for me but only in snippet editor, not for events...

This occurred to me as well within the last few days. Will try to save what happened next time it occurs.

This issue still exists. You said 3 months ago that it would be fixed in the "coming weeks". What's going on?

PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan, they probably need help on reproducing the issue in order to figure out how to fix it. So next time, keep an eye on what you are doing and see if you can reproduce it by closing then going back in and causing the same thing it happen. Log those steps here. That's the best way to get things fixed.


With below code:
var cursor = Spark.systemCollection("teams").find({"teamType":"GLOBAL_CHAT"},{"members": 1});

    Spark.getLog().debug("Name:" + Spark.loadPlayer(a).getDisplayName());

 Trying to type "" will insert an additional period.


Hi! We have the same problem, as soon as we do a require of one of our Module, the editor messes up and adds unneeded dot, this is amazing frustrating!

Any news about this?

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