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Platform Release 2015-11-11

Quite a big release this one.  All good things come to s/he who waits!
You'll be happy to hear that Matchmaking for multiple players has now made it to the platform.  The behaviour around how the matches work is subtly different from head-to-head matchmaking, which still uses async requests, but you'll get the hang of it.
We've also introduced a feature that lets you choose which region you want your game to be published to depending on where you are.  Use this correctly, and this is going to give your games better performance based on the geographical target of your players.
As well as the new features, there has been many improvements to the Cloud Code editor, archived Leaderboards and their partitions, usage in the NoSQL Explorer, the list goes on ....

Story ---     Introducing Matchmaking for multiple opponents.  You can now have multiple players in Matches.    (4271)
Story ---     Navigating between different tabs in NoSQL will now retain the last selected collection that was interacted with    (4207)
Story ---     A Game will now be published to the specified region based on the selection made in Preview    (3763)
Story ---     A region must be chosen when creating any new Game.  This is used later as your choice of location when publishing    (3767)
Story ---     Cloud Code autocomplete in an Event can now recognise all elements from "required" Module's code    (4529)
Story ---     Playstation Network is available on the Integrations tab along with the social connect request in the Test Harness.    (4681)
Bug-fix ---     CloudCode AutoComplete now works when using 'setScriptData' on an empty object    (4755)
Bug-fix ---     RemoveScriptData in a Response Handler (e.g LogEventResponse) will now remove that script data correctly.    (4395)
Bug-fix ---     Updated an incorrectly pre-populated text field, Short Code, in ScriptMessage Extensions    (4199)
Bug-fix ---     Delete 'X" button will now successfully remove the associated Scenario in the Test Harness    (4089)
Bug-fix ---     Syntax colouring was missing for Spark objects in the Debugger.  It's back.    (3017)
Bug-fix ---     Changing an Event Attribute from "Grouped" to "Max" used to break the Event    (3533)
Bug-fix ---     As you're probably already aware, AutoComplete never used to work on line 1 in the Cloud Code Editor … UNTIL NOW!    (4205)
Bug-fix ---     Cloud Code: Editing one module and trying to close another, will prompt unsaved changes confirmation unnecessarily.  This no longer happens.    (1413)
Bug-fix ---     Download Downloadable was sometimes giving a 500 error page when you are in preview mode    (3723)
Bug-fix ---     Clicking on the text in 'Tutorials' and 'Documentation' headers in the Documentation navbar does nothing    (4209)
Bug-fix ---     SparkLeaderboardPartition.isArchived was returning false even after successfully archiving the Leaderboard    (4373)
Bug-fix ---     CloudCode autocomplete did not work when a variable created contained _    (4359)
Bug-fix ---     Fixed a NullPointerException in NoSQL explorer when users were looking for non-existing collections in silly ways, by using with the browser's element inspector.      (4609)