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Support not-authenticated LogEvent requests

Some scenarios require extending the "not-authenticated" API.

For example, supposing users have e-mails assigned on GameSparks, players might want to request a password reset e-mail including a code which can then be used to set a new password for the associated account.

This scenario requires two custom scripts to run without having to be authenticated to some account.

However, LogEvent being limited to authenticated players, we have to extend the AuthenticationRequest (or any other authentication request) with a parameter specifying which "custom request" we want to execute (sendPasswordResetEmail, setNewPassword...).

Adding a new option to LogEvents ("Authentication Required", defaulting to true) would allow us to develop a cleaner API since these two scenarios would each be in their own event, with parameter validation (e.g. email, secret, newPassword) based on the event configuration rather than scriptData.

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Hi Jean,

We have a method in place for doing this, there is also an example project that shows this off which I can add you to. I will forward you on the details.



Hi Liam, can you also share the method for doing this with me?

Hi Baris,

I'll add you to the project and forward on the details to you.



Hi, this topic has been marked as "IMPLEMENTED". Is there a new feature coming which will allow us to create non-authenticated events? Or do we still have to use the hacky workaround by extending an existing non-authenticated API call?

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I too need a non-authenticated event

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I am also interested by this.

If you could share this with me as well, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Guys,

This shouldn't have been marked as implemented, not sure how that happened. You'll always need to authenticate to send a request as a player on GameSparks, the workaround above was to help a user recover a password with by using an email stored in their scriptData from their initial Registration. 



+1. need a pre-authentication request to check the API version.

Looks like there need to be a external CMS that can host the API version, configs and things you might need with out authentication. Basically a default system event that say GetConfigs, even before the device or the player have logged in.

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Hi, does gamesparks already support pre-auth requests? I want to show some data to user even if he is not registered.

I'll add you to the project and forward on the details to you.

@Liam Why wouldn't you share this information publicly? 乁( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)ㄏ


The project has long since been removed. What action are you looking perform before you authenticate ?



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