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Platform Release 2015-10-19

A substantial release considering it's been a month since our last.  Notable features added in this release are the inclusion of WeChat and QQ integration into the platform as well as the Portal notification bars at the top of the Developer Portal page.  As well as that, there has been a number of bug-fixes that tidied up the Portal interface as well as an update for new Facebook games with API v2.5 and later.

Story ---    NoSQL explorer includes a new "Indexes" tab to show indexes on a collection    (2967)
Story ---    Analytics: include response sizes in bandwidth stats analytics    (617)
Story ---    Introduced a Script Log Viewer Admin Screen into the Manage section    (3301)
Story ---    Added Portal Notifications detailing the number items (fatal, error, warn, info, debug) found at logging level    (3299)
Story ---    Limited the number of unseen messages returned on login to 10.  Added the ability to ListMessageRequest to return only unseen messages    (4151)
Story ---    Added the module info to script.log entries if errors were caused within a module    (4181)
Story ---    Invalid Apple pushId exceptions (e.g. wrong Push ID) are logged to script.log    (4235)
Story ---    Added integration with QQ    (4375)
Story ---    Added integration with WeChat    (4411)
Story ---    FacebookAuthenticationRequest - users from apps with API version 2.5 are able to connect    (4477)
Bug-fix ---    Correct Error message displayed when updating screen/snippet shortCodes to existing ones    (4257)
Bug-fix ---     Corrected typos in Screen/Snippet/Chart Error message when trying to create one with an existing shortCode    (4259)
Bug-fix ---    Reverting manage snapshot produces no longer produces an error    (4217)
Bug-fix ---    Copy and Paste bus are now fixed in Screens and Snippets Builders    (3715)
Bug-fix ---    Prevented the ability to open Cloud Code events more than once by clicking more than once.    (2873)
Bug-fix ---    Fixed the ambiguous error messages displayed for attempting to save invalid characters in the Event Attribute Shortcode    (4091)
Bug-fix ---    Added validation to Team Type fields, Max Members and Max Membership to prevent entry of scientific notation    (3827)
Bug-fix ---    A "return to login page" button has been implemented on the registration complete page    (3747)
Bug-fix ---    Fixed a typo on Delete Game confirmation modal form    (3131)
Bug-fix ---    special characters are not allowed when creating a Snapshot    (3587)
Bug-fix ---    Fixed an issue when requesting aroundMe data for a player with an incomplete leaderboard entry threw an error    (4467)
Bug-fix ---    It is possible to schedule multiple items from dynamic forms    (4495)