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Do anybody of the staff think that we will have such an improvement in the future?
In my case, I'm developing a game based on competition, so having a Twitch integration and a Spectator API would be very appreciated.

Right now I can implement a surrogate of the spectator mode by considering a spectator like a normal player (that cannot send any LogEventRequest during the match), but actually a spectator only RECEIVES messages from the match opponents and replicates what is happening on his screen (so I should share all character positions every time that a player joins the match as a spectator).

Do GS staff think that this feature can be analyzed deeply in the future for an API extension?

Thanks for the amazing work.

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 Hey Adriano,

We currently dont have plans for this feature, but they way you have set it up is a good solution. If spectators are included in the match, but just cannot participate, you can mark them as such and just allow them receive match info instead.


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