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Platform Release 2015-09-18

A quick release this week to get out some pending bug-fixes and new features of Cloud Code.  As well as the list below, there have been a lot of internal improvements to our logging and how we log those pesky NullPointerExceptions to script.log.  Our next release is due in a few weeks which will give us a chance to sort out some long outstanding improvements we've wanted to make.

Story ---     Cloud Code exceptions that occur when executing withing Modules, now write to script.log    (2213)
Story ---     Added .Execute() and .ExecuteAs() to SparkRequests to allow Cloud Code to be executed within the request being called.    (3925)
Bug-fix ---     On a public challenge, if minPlayers is set to 2 and no-one joins, allAccepted will be false, meaning the Challenge can expire    (3655)
Bug-fix ---     Fixed the failure of recovering non-consumable Virtual Goods when using the particularstore BuyGoodsRequest    (4083)
Bug-fix ---     Improvements to the creation and publishing of Snapshots for larger games on the platform    (4105)
Bug-fix ---     Spark.getPlayer.disconnect(true) will now correctly disconnect the Player.    (4161)