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Platform Release 2015-09-11

In this release we've added the integration with Viber as well as some extras to scheduled scripts and NoSQL.  Internally, there has been a lot of improvements to our script logging and documentation

Story --- GameSparks now fully supports Viber integration, however it is currently only available upon request from Viber. Please contact Viber directly requesting GameSparks integration if you are interested. (3719) Story --- NativeObjectSerialiser errors write to script.log in NoSQL (3815) 

Story --- SparkHttpResponseImpl errors write to script.log in NoSQL (3849) 

Story --- SparkXmlReaderImpl errors write to script.log in NoSQL (3689) 

Story --- Added a Count tab to NoSQL explorer. Based on your query, it will show you how many documents are in each collection. (3685) 

Story --- Allow scheduled scripts to trigger additional scheduled scripts. It is supported up to 10 levels deep and one scheduled script can only run one other scheduled script at a time. (3923) 

Bug-fix --- Players created via DeviceAuthenticationRequest didn't have a "created" date in the Player collection. (3939)