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operators for gs-query-field date type

I am trying to set the operators for my date field in a gs-query on the administration screens.

Something like this:


<gs-query name="gsSomnethingQuery" >
    <gs-query-field id='start'
                    label='Start Date' 

But I'm still getting between, less, and greater options in my query.

Is filtering operators not supported for date fields?

Hi Arnold,

Currently, "date" type <gs-query> fields have fixed, built-in operators and do not allow you to change the operators provided for it, unlike the "string" and "integer" types.  However, we are looking at whether there is a valid reason for adding the ability to reduce or customise the provided operators.

Can you tell me why you would want to customise the provided operators further for the "date" type?



I was hoping to reduce options making my interface more simple for my users, the default selection of "date between" is the main one I'd like to remove.

The fact that default "between" encourages the user to submit two dates, will suggest to my users that they need to enter both when in fact a "less than" or "greater than" will make more sense and require less input. If a user wants a "between" they can simply add two filters to the query, a "less than" and a "greater than", which also renders "between" as redundant.

Hi Arnold,

I think that's why "between" exists, so that it is more efficient than having to use both a "less than" and "greater than" as it appears much cleaner.  However, at this time, you are unable to remove that field but the option of adding customisable operators for the "date" type will be reviewed and we will add a task to our backlog to address this.



Hi Arnold,

Just to let you know that we have included further customisation on the operators for the "date" type gs-query.  You can now selectively choose the ones you wish to show or hide, from a combined range of the operators that are available to the "string" and "integer" types:


    <gs-query-field id='lastSeen' 
                    label='Last Seen' 

 I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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