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Debugging Callbacks

I'd like to see a way to trigger Callbacks from the Test Harness. These could be internally tagged for logging, so that they trigger the debugger. Fits well with the existing interface, could be triggered like this { "@class":".LogCallback", "apikey":"","serversecret":"","attr1":"" } and people would just modify according to need.

Hey Thomas,

 most of our default request have response and request cloud-code calls that you can put your own code into.
for example a AuthenticationResquest called from the test harness (or client) will also have an authenticationResponse. And if there is some extra code you want to run then the request is completed you can put it here.

Does that suit?


Hi, not quite what I had in mind. I was talking about artificially triggering the code attached to the >>Callback URL<< for debugging purposes. As the data that would typically come in via the Callback URL is highly asynchronous in nature and it is obviously not possible to start the debugger in realtime on real data coming in.

My original post probably was not clear enough, sorry for that.

Hi Thomas

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll forward it on to our tech team.



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