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Platform Release 2015-08-21

Another release is now available.  We're trying our best to keep our release cycles smaller and more regular from now on.  Here is a good example of one.  A few improvements to browser session timeouts and push notifications for Apple this week.  On top of that, we have released an "archive" method on getLeaderboards() that allows older scheduled Leaderboards to be archived, which helps to keep your game lean, mean and running clean.  See below:

Story --- Real-time Server should not register player in the session until the client is "ready" (3637)

Story --- Added an "archive" method for old Leaderboards in Cloud Code (3415)

Story --- Made some improvements to the way the session tokens expire on Cloud code (3693)

Story ---   Implemented a timeout message for session expiry on the Test Push Notification pages (3741)

Bug-fix --- The GS SDK timeout in the Manage section has now been increased. (3547)

Bug-fix --- Fixed a bug for an error that occurred when reverting admin bundle Snapshots (3707)