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Platform Release 2015-08-14

Although this release looks quite small, you should know that there has been a lot of internal fixes going on behind the scenes to make things much more robust and stable.  Things such as better indexing for collections, improvements to Scheduled Scripts and maintenance of our hosting systems and their logging.  But I don't want you to bore you with those things so that's why I'm not mentioning them here, but rest assured, they've been done.

In this Sprint, there has been a couple of new introductions to both the REST API and Cloud Code methods as well as a few bug fixes to the Screen and Snippet Builder.  See you all for the next release!

Story --- Add hidden SparkFtp capability (3569)

Story --- Google Service Certificate and Service E-mail Address have now been added to Segmentation in Integrations (3593)

Story --- Introducing getRankFromScore() to allow Players to see what their rank in a Leaderboard would be, based on a score (3597)

Bug-fix --- Odd tooltip behaviour and location on attempting to save empty segments in Messages (1205)

Bug-fix --- isOnline() example has been properly re-located to the Documentation pages (3541)

Bug-fix --- Screen and Snippet Builder in the Manage section now saves correctly when only code is pasted into the Builder. (3553)