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Platform Release 2015-07-30

Well, this is a rather big release!  As you can see, there are a lot of bug-fixes on this one as it was time to give a lot of niggly annoyances a good polish!  Be sure to look out for our next release which will be focusing more on the new features arriving for August ...]

Story --- The name of the snapshot being reverted to is included in the autosaved pre-revert description (2077)

Story --- Added tooltips to the Group Description field in Collaborators (2289)

Story --- Added the ability in Integrations to select which Apple Certificate you want if your certificate file contains multiple certificates. (3193)

Story --- Added the ability to test an Apple push notification for the production certificate (3227)

Story --- A user can cancel a running FindMatchRequest while the request is running through the "action" parameter (3405)

Story --- Added support for bulk push notifications in live (3417)

Bug-fix --- Tooltips are fully visible and no longer hidden under the Segmentation area in Messages (1207)

Bug-fix --- Running a LogEventRequest in the Test Harness with a type attribute no longer causes Test Harness errors (1237)

Bug-fix --- Fixed issues with the Overview screen display when reducing width of the browser window (173)

Bug-fix --- Virtual Good Award used to display VG Name in Achievements, but VG Shortcode on Segments (519)

Bug-fix --- When Deleting a Running Total that is not assigned to a Leaderboard, the Description field in the Delete confirmation is no longer empty (2613)

Bug-fix --- Downloadables can now be optionally copied in a Snapshot by selecting the checkbox in the Copy Snapshot form. (2229)

Bug-fix --- Make Default icon in Overview is hidden after selecting it. (2891)

Bug-fix --- Copy button on Copy Snapshot form is disabled if all other checkboxes are unchecked (2797)

Bug-fix --- If only one game exists in the user's game list, Copy Snapshot will no longer display its own game in the list to copy to. (2823)

Bug-fix --- Save Changes confirmation dialog box will no longer continue to be displayed in the Snippet Builder when no changes have been made (1851)

Bug-fix --- If no changes have been made when editing a Snippet, the Save button will be disabled. (2827)

Bug-fix --- The game Overview screen no longer fails when creating a snapshot and entering a description longer than 255 characters (2931)

Bug-fix --- Social LeaderboardDataRequests that include hidden players will no longer reveal those hidden players (2983)

Bug-fix --- The first Screen in the Manage section will now correctly auto-load for a Collaborator who doesn't have access to Admin Screens (2651)

Bug-fix --- Collaborators of non-owned games can now copy snapshots onto their own games (2995)

Bug-fix --- A collaborator copying a Snapshot onto another users game can no longer make the Collaborator the Owner of the destination game (2997)

Bug-fix --- Fixed a bug where a NullPointerException error occurred in ScriptMessage when playerIds are null (3045)

Bug-fix --- Made some minor improvements to the Groups area within the Overview screen (3327)

Bug-fix --- The Test Google Push Notification Push Id field is now a mandatory field (3351)

Bug-fix --- Renamed the Test Push Notification "WindowsPhone8" and "Windows8" forms (3355)

Bug-fix --- Added SparkPlayer.matchesQuery property (3361)

Bug-fix --- Fixed the null values appearing when you have numeric keys in hashmaps (3377)

Bug-fix --- Copy snapshot contains the correct version of the cloud code assigned to it (3391)

Bug-fix --- Snapshot history can compare forked versions of it's parent snapshot (3397)

Bug-fix --- Improved the Apple TestPush notification output messages and as a response, we now show success/failure (3401)

Bug-fix --- Virtual Goods Form respects the shortCode Validation, preventing multiple VG's with same shortCode (3409)

Bug-fix --- If you are logged in and have "Remember Me" checked, we will try to resubmit the cloud code when your CSRF token expires (3441)

Bug-fix --- Fixed a NullPointerException when sending a Windows 8 push notification from the service (3443)

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