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Import cloud code from any git remote


we don't (want to) use Github as our remote. I saw the "import from github" feature earlier and was wondering why only Github is supported.

It would be pretty nice to be able to just fill in an url to a git remote, create a rsa key and give the key read access.

Are there any plans for that?



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Hey David,

We actually are looking into this and have made some requests to different repos. However, we don't yet know when additional features for repos will be implemented.
Sorry i cant be more helpful right now.



Hi Sean,

Is there any news on this feature request? Seeing as we host our own git repositories anyway, it would be great if we could manage the GameSparks cloud code in a similar fashion.




When support says "we will do", it's months at best.

If they say "we don't know" or "added to backlog", interpret it as "never" !

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