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UnitySDK not reconnect after Durable request

when I turn off network card(WIFI OFF)

and then send request with .SetDurable(true)

and then when GS.Available changes to false it prints only once  "GS: Connecting to:..."

when I switch WIFI ON it never reconnect

I've tested:





when request without SetDurable is send  "GS: Connecting to:..." is printing all time untill reconnect

It was in Gamesparks_Unity_5.1.0.79.    

In it works but when debug is ON it prints thousends of logs "GS: Connecting to:..."

Can you add some timeout in next version?

Hi Zbigniew,

The SetDurable feature is working in my tests here.

May I ask if you are using the latest version of our Unity SDK? (EDIT: your second post was unapproved for some reason, just approved it)

If you are, would it be possible for you to send me a build that demonstrates this issue? (

It could be an otherwise empty project.



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