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Longitude typo?


 Appears in the player collection (device + registration request)

"location": { "latitide": 3.1697998046875, "longditute": 101.70260620117188, "city": "Kuala Lumpur", "country": "MY" },


Thanks for spotting that Davendra.

Well get it sorted.


Just to let you know this typo is still going on. Everywhere location is used, it says "latitide" and "longditute".


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Yeah... I suppose this will stay there forever as people may be relying on it.

But for sure gives a bad impression about the platform...

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 Wanted to report the same issue.

Still a problem as of today.

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 Hey Nathan,

We are a bit stuck on this issue unfortunately, as some studios have games released using these misspelled fields and if we change them it might lead to instability in their games.

So for now, we wont be able to fix this problem.

Sorry about that,

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Fixing the issue would involve creating the correct fields and deprecating the old ones.

As in don't remove the old ones yet.

In a future release, they can be safely removed.

This sort of thing is common in API development.


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