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Platform Release 2015-07-02

 In our latest release, we've introduced a new set of Cloud Code features and REST API commands for Downloadables and Uploadables.  As well as working on strengthening the security of the platform, we've also added improvements to Matches and our GSML for your Dynamic Forms.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next release ...

Story    Snapshots in the Manage section now have informative tooltips    (2633)
Story    Cloud code modules and events are now alphabetically ordered in the Configurator    (2637)
Story    Title and Subtitle fields in Message templates can now be configured via REST API    (2743)
Story    Copy Snapshot needs to be converted from GET to POST    (2829)
Story    Downloadables can now be created via the REST API    (2833)
Story    FindMatchRequests now includes an additional grouping value to segregate players who can be matched against one another    (2885)
Story    "position" is now an available attribute to GSML tags that support the "target" attribute    (2909)
Story    Included the ability to delete uploaded files via Cloud Code (SparkFiles.deleteUploadedFile())    (2915)
Bug-fix    TwitchConnectRequest is now available in the auto-generated documentation    (2723)
Bug-fix    SparkPlayer.resetAuthTokens correctly resets authTokens for Players    (2791)
Bug-fix    Added the download Url to the binary content REST command    (2911)