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Give Virtual Currency to Player

My game has only one virtual currency. It will be available as currency packs for in app purchases, for which I have found this in the docs:

But the same currency will be rewarded for some actions inside the game. How do I give my players an arbitrary amount of virtual currency?

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Oops, pasted wrong link..

Eduardo its explained in this forum post. But I agree, it should be in the docs...
Oops, pasted wrong link..
Sorry my iPad copy/paste is failing me, this is the right link

Thank you! That's exactly what I'm doing now :)

Do you know any way to contribute to the docs? They're really poor at the moment and mmmhhh... wait!... are you buying a Porsche? :o

Docs are closed source, yeah they could do with more examples. I'll get a Porsche if my upcoming game titles makes enough to allow me to do so :p