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Platform Release 2015-06-23

In this release, we decided to concentrate on ironing out some of the bugs that have been identified by both our internal QA systems as well as some of our sharp-eyed customers.  Stay tuned for more features in future platform releases!

Story           When games are deleted, any scheduled Events running for that deleted Game are not processed.    (2095)

Bug-fix        GameCenter external ID's are now persisted and can be segmented on different Segment Values    (2785)

Bug-fix        We now have the ability to be able to drop an index by it's name: Spark.runtimeCollection("myCollection").dropIndex("myTextIndex");    (2687)

Bug-fix        Amazon Product ID is now visible in Segment Configuration for Virtual Goods    (2783)

Bug-fix        BlockUI now allows long-waiting processes (publishing and copying Snapshots) to show a visual cursor indication that something is happening, rather than a non-responsive looking browser experience.    (2419)

Bug-fix        The Player's ID is stored in the verifiedPurchase record in NoSQL, when purchasing an external product.    (2685)

Bug-fix        Copying Downloadables to another Game is now a selectable option when copying a Snapshot to a new or existing Game.    (1633)

Bug-fix        Copying a Snapshot on old existing games previously failed    (2745)

Bug-fix        A SessionTerminatedMessage is sent to the player even if they are simultaneously connected to multiple different servers    (2751)