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Platform Release 2015-06-10

                           Challenges can now be found in the new Multiplayer section of the Configurator
                           Running Totals is now located as a separate tab under the Leaderboards section of the Configurator
2329    Story      Mask the password fields for the iOS certificates
2493    Story      GameCenter integration and authentication
207      Story      Kongregate integration and authentication
2149    Story      Twitch integration and authentication
2549    Story      Google service SSO
1139    Bug        In Admin Screens, 'Click to add' link is replaced with an Add button similar to other Add buttons in Portal.
2495    Story      Matches can now be found in the new Multiplayer section of the Configurator
2341    Story      Geo bounding functionality introduced for Matchmaking requests
2057    Story      Match players based on rankings across an entire cluster
2369    Bug        Test Harness logEventRequest now respects event attribute types
1895    Bug        No notification to the user if they try to add Segments without Segment Values to Portal items
1687    Story      Charts/gs-query having removed all query values, saved and re-opened no longer sees the "empty" value
2439    Bug        Intermittent Issue where user is redirected to an elastic search url, which generates an error
2453    Bug        loginOrRegisterDevice fails if the password is incorrect.
2573    Bug        Sync external display names from authentication of social sources
2581    Bug        Portal UI improvements
2625    Story      Hide System Running Totals that cannot be modified