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Social Leaderboard

Hello, I have a problem with the Social Leaderboard. It all seems fine when I try with Custom Users and add their user_ids to the friends_id list but when I try with Real Accounts I keep getting this error: "currentUser" : "NOT_SOCIAL" .

Here is an example of the request:


 "@class": ".LeaderboardDataRequest",

 "entryCount": 10,

 "leaderboardShortCode": "highScoreLeaderboard",

 "social": true


Any help would be amazing !

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Just to clarify, what are the differences between the real accounts and the none real accounts?


I used the Registration Request in order to create the "none real accounts" and then I took their IDs and used them in the friends_id list.

The real ones are facebook accounts of friends that tested the game several times.

They appear in my Leaderboard but for some reason they don't count as friends even though we are friends on Facebook.

(These are their User_IDs: 55595937e4b0891ba93da409 ; 5561dfa9e4b06c6dac1e1e5d)

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