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Who are the Flash guys?

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering who here on Game Sparks is working with Adobe Flash / Adobe Air on the client. I'm wondering how big the support community is for either. If so, are you doing web and mobile or just mobile? If it's not confidential, feel free to mention your game!




Hi Mark!

Could you please elaborate on your definition of client, please? 

We have recently produced a quick guide on getting started with our platform for a number of SDKs, one of them being Actionscript. If you'd like to check it out, the link is

Thank you!


Hi Mark,

We (Bonsters) recently released game on Facebook using Flash + Starling + DMT + GameSparks + Facebook.

You can see it here: - It's better to use Firefox with Starling (Stage3D) games.

iOS, Android and game portals versions are on the way. We use GS on all platforms and use it for linking social accounts (FB, G+) to user's account, saving progress and cross-platform leader-boards.

We are happy with GameSparks platform and with their support. Usually support response is quick. Currently ActionScript SDK causes several 1/4 second freezes due to load at moments when info is sent to server, but we talked with support guys and fix is on the way. One thing to keep in mind is that you'll need to purchase ANEs to get user's access tokens to authenticate users with social networks. There's also free ANEs, but they aren't reliable.

We still have no experience with lots of DAUs and can't tell anything regarding high load, but I'm sure it will work good.

I do not know how many games use GS and I am interested in it also.

Let's stay in touch if you decide to use GS. irakli is my @.



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