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Platform Release 2015-04-21

2043    Story     NPE calling GetLeaderboardEntriesRequest
1339    Bug       Average Session Duration big number always shows 0
1539    Bug       CHALLENGES:  Prevent Challenger from challenging themselves.  This causes Challenges to never start.
1655    Story     Enhanced Permissions framework (Capabilities)
1179    Story     Read only view of snapshots in portal (Snapshot Preview)
1657    Story     Git synchronisation for cloud code (Get from Git)
1753    Story     Cloud code diff between versions
1879    Bug       Allow redirectUri to be passed in with a code on GooglePlusConnectRequest
1901    Story     Add "inverse" leaderboard requests that are the inverse results of social requests
1939    Story     Allow SparkScheduler to be used from callback scripts
1949    Bug       Google plus userName can be determined to be null
1965    Bug       FindChallengeRequest shouldn't show challenges created by that player
1999    Story     Modulus achievement triggers (%)
2001    Story     Repeatable Achievements
2093    Bug       space character is allowed in management shortcodes as first character
2175    Bug       Certain achievement trigger values revert to the first value in the list upon save