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Link facebook account with already created DeviceAuthentification

Hello I am having a hard time with the simplest of of tasks. 

I want to link a facebook account with an existing device authenticated account  no matter what I do I get two accounts in the player:

What I do is  : 

  1.  login with DeviceAutnetificationRequest 
  2. login with  FacebookConnectRequest in the same session 
  3. Expect to still see one  player in player collection with ( as seen in the last response "newPlayer": false)
I posted the scenario I ran  right after gamesparks is connected. As you can see there is a new UserId  with "newPlayer": false)


 "@class": ".AuthenticationResponse",
 "authToken": "<auth token>",
 "displayName": "Ovidiu Buligan",
 "newPlayer": false,
 "scriptData": null,
 "userId": "55199e33e4b0e4d9397c1a4e"
 "@class": ".FacebookConnectRequest",
 "accessToken": "<access token>",
 "doNotLinkToCurrentPlayer": false,
 "errorOnSwitch": false,
 "segments": {
  "PROFILE": "P1"
 "switchIfPossible": false
 "@class": ".AuthenticationResponse",
 "authToken": "0b9a4b69-ac59-4d53-b4f6-e98d724c1965",
 "displayName": "displayName",
 "newPlayer": true,
 "scriptData": null,
 "userId": "55199e601b3f58c687ed6a87"
 "@class": ".DeviceAuthenticationRequest",
 "deviceId": "deviceId",
 "deviceModel": "deviceModel",
 "deviceName": "deviceName",
 "deviceOS": "wp8",
 "deviceType": "deviceType",
 "displayName": "displayName",
 "operatingSystem": "operatingSystem",
 "segments": {
  "PROFILE": "P1"


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Hi Ovidiu,

             Extremely sorry that I couldn't test your scenario as I was travelling last week. I tried posting from mobile but TestHarness isn't proper on mobile for cross checking some api's.

I tried the same steps, And what I noticed is same. Its creating a new player on facebook linking. 

Please raise a ticket from your side to GameSparks and let me know the result. It would be of great help for others if you share here the details.



Thank you very much four your unconditioned effort .

I will raise a ticket to  gamesparks  and link to this thread.

Hi, I'm having the same problem, is there any solution?


Here too. News?

It work correctly. Just be sure that when you do your tests, you don't have already some old records in the externalAuthentication collection.

My mistake was that I was using the test scene, and I authenticate directly with facebook. Then, to test the device authentication, I deleted the user, but not the record in the externalAuthentication, so the system was still considering that facebook account already bound to a different player. And as soon I register with facebook it creates another player.

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