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GameSparks SDK Marmalade Extension

I've been watching some recent videos (like, and I decided to give GS a go.  I'm developing under Marmalade.

Everything I've seen seems to indicate that the Marmalade extension should be available at

I don't see it.  What am I missing?

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Hi Luke,

You can find the Marmalade SDK here.



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Hi, any news on this?

The homepage boasts about being a Marmalade partner, so I'd hope to have seen a Marmalade extension here too...


Hi Luke,

You can find the Marmalade SDK here.



Great, thanks Liam, I'll give it a try now.

Hi Liam,

I've got the Marmalade sample running ok, however I'm having issues in a real-world environment.

In the sample, The GameSparks::Core::GS_ instance is declared as a local variable in the main() function, but in most games, where the backend needs to be called from many places, I'd make the GS variable static, as I do for other third party code wrappers. 

I made the reference a singleton, and the code runs for a bit. I get the "Initialized" response back, but when the "AuthenticatedConnectResponse" arrives in the below function, the m_GSPlatform pointer has lost it's reference to MarmaladePlatform and this call gives me "Access violation reading location 0xccccccfc".

void GameSparks::Core::GS_::DebugLog(const gsstl::string& message)




Any help you could give would be appreciated. Or if you have any more example code / any other users have managed to get a C++ Marmalade game up-and-running with GameSparks then please let me know.

Many thanks,


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