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Unity SDK - On many occasions, GS.Initialise appears to do nothing (no log messages).

I have a GameObject in my initial scene with the GameSparksUnity script attached. Very often, when I run from the editor, or after running from a build, it doesn't appear as though GameSparks has initialized, as I don't see any messages in the console or log indicating the initialization process occurred and the service is available. Subsequent calls to the service fail.

Is there a proper way to check that initialization occurrs?

The GameSparksTestUI scene also behaves the same way. Very often, it doesn't appear to start start the connection process, as there is nothing in the log pane. Hitting the "Reconnect" button often yields results, but only after a few minutes.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



There is an updated version of the SDK . It should fix the problem.



@Ovidiu Support had to give me a new version of the GameSparks.Api.dll. They stated that it was a known issue with GameSparks and Unity 5 and that they would have a new version out shortly. If you create a ticket and ask, they should be able to give you the same file.

Sorry that I hadn't posted an update here. Best of luck.

I am also experiencing this (using unity 5  and vs 2013 community with unity plugin)

Perhaps this meets the criteria of a ticket. I'll create on and then post the answer here for others to see.

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