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Eligibility Criteria for CreateChallengeRequest

When creating a challenge I want to specify some custom criteria, so I figured EligibilityCriteria would be the way to go. I have a Dictionary<string, object>, which has all the KeyValue pairs of data I want players to match against, and I use that to generate a JSON string to pass into SetEligibilityCriteria. However, I get the response "UNRECOGNISED" for the keys. Are there certain key strings I have to use or do I have to specify these somewhere else, like the dashboard or server-side?

Thank you!

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Okay, so I switched to using "segments" and "segment1", "segment2" etc. so it is accepting the JSON now. Is this the same sort of segment for the A/B testing (as seen in the dashboard), or is it completely separate, because I'm not wanting to use it for A/B testing?

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