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VirtualGoods custom properties


it would be nice to have to possibility to add custom properties to VirtualGoods. That is incredibly useful for goods type (ex: weapons range, swords properties etc).

Actually we have the tag field, that is a string so we can add everything here (like a JSON) however it is more like a "trick" that a feature.

I actually implemented that using custom metadata collection properties that are added to the ListVirtualGoodsResponse script data.

Would you plan to implement such kind of support ?

Hi Christian, 

We have just added this feature! You can now set custom properties to include in almost any circumstance using the new Properties feature.


Hi Hamlet, I agree with you on this. I am new to GS and have been playing with the virtual goods and assigning them properties. Its looks like a over kill to set an entire set of table with each virtual good, if assigned as a property set. 

A 3rd option would be to be able to assign one of the items inside the table to the virtual good as a property rather than a property set itself. 

As you has said I am starting to think if I have misunderstood the properties as well, it looks like the PropertySets are tables you have mentioned above.

unless i'm mistaken, this custom properties feature doesn't really add a new custom property to a virtual good. it just allows one to associate a json object to a virtual good via a short code. so if i want to add a custom property, say, "duration" with a number value to a set of virtual goods, i'm not actually adding a "duration" property and then assigning values to each virtual good, but instead need to either:

  1.  create one custom property short code with {"duration": 10} for each virtual good, and assigning these short codes to each virtual good; or
  2. create a custom property table [{"goodId":"itemA", "duration":10}, {"goodId":"itemB", "duration":20}...] for all virtual goods, and then assigning the same short code to every applicable virtual good. 

option 1 is tedious and prone to error, and option 2 can be simplified by storing the list as a meta collection and skip the custom properties feature altogether.

is that in fact how custom properties work? or have i misunderstood its design?

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