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VirtualGoods custom properties


it would be nice to have to possibility to add custom properties to VirtualGoods. That is incredibly useful for goods type (ex: weapons range, swords properties etc).

Actually we have the tag field, that is a string so we can add everything here (like a JSON) however it is more like a "trick" that a feature.

I actually implemented that using custom metadata collection properties that are added to the ListVirtualGoodsResponse script data.

Would you plan to implement such kind of support ?

Hi Christian, 

We have just added this feature! You can now set custom properties to include in almost any circumstance using the new Properties feature.


unless i'm mistaken, this custom properties feature doesn't really add a new custom property to a virtual good. it just allows one to associate a json object to a virtual good via a short code. so if i want to add a custom property, say, "duration" with a number value to a set of virtual goods, i'm not actually adding a "duration" property and then assigning values to each virtual good, but instead need to either:

  1.  create one custom property short code with {"duration": 10} for each virtual good, and assigning these short codes to each virtual good; or
  2. create a custom property table [{"goodId":"itemA", "duration":10}, {"goodId":"itemB", "duration":20}...] for all virtual goods, and then assigning the same short code to every applicable virtual good. 

option 1 is tedious and prone to error, and option 2 can be simplified by storing the list as a meta collection and skip the custom properties feature altogether.

is that in fact how custom properties work? or have i misunderstood its design?

Hi Hamlet, I agree with you on this. I am new to GS and have been playing with the virtual goods and assigning them properties. Its looks like a over kill to set an entire set of table with each virtual good, if assigned as a property set. 

A 3rd option would be to be able to assign one of the items inside the table to the virtual good as a property rather than a property set itself. 

As you has said I am starting to think if I have misunderstood the properties as well, it looks like the PropertySets are tables you have mentioned above.

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