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Platform Release 2015-03-02

1555    Bug         Abllity to add Team Leaderboards and Team Achievements to Challenges
1267    Bug         Test Harness Scenario requests now wait for their corresponding responses
709      Bug         Unable to change values in dropdown lists in Dynamic Forms query builder
1485    Bug         Challenge was "ISSUED" in certain circumstances if no expiryTime was specified but all Challengees accept.
1217    Story       Automatically import Players and new Leaderboard Dynamic Forms from standardised Library
1191    Bug         Portal Analytics retention aggregation query fails when data set was too large
1149    Story       Add "expires" index to script.log collection
1181    Story       Custom Charts now available in Dynamic Forms
1423    Bug         When navigating to Teams/Achievements title bar says "Info"
1427    Story       getConfig.getTeams and getConfig.getTeam now implemented in Cloud Code
1483    Story       challengeInstance Mongo query performance improvement
1491    Bug         Not closing unauthenticated sockets correctly on error
611      Story       Change Active Players calculation to include any player seen in that time
1625    Story       Added new history and grouping feature for each authToken allotment to protect against lost tokens