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Device authentication generating multiple user


I'm using device authenticating for a month in my game and sometimes I noticed that it create another user when a start it again

It uses Unity 3D and occurred on iOS, Android, WP8, Windows, etc. Here is the flow:

1 – Wait until GameSparksApi.isAvailable

2 – If not logged GameSparksApi.isAuthenticated

3 – Call DeviceAuthenticationRequest with SetDisplayName(“random name”)

I read on another post that GS uses Unity SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier, what could cause this behavior?

Hi Otto,

This is indeed weird behavior, can you post some logs of when this happens? Are you using actual devices and not dev emulators/simulators?


Yes, actually never tested on simulator.

Unfortunately I never saved any logs when this happen because it didn't show as an error, or I was using the device without debugging it.

It seems that the game simply lost the authentication key, which I a presume is the one saved in the Player Prefs, and request another device authentication. Although sometimes I noticed that server return the right user even if request another DeviceAuthentication.

I’ll save the logs when this happen next time.

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