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Async aytomated multiplayer testing testing

I would like to do test driven development for my multiplayer logic because it takes so much time manually testing.

I noticed there are a lot of static methods and state that prevent having two users logged in in the same app.

Previewsly I ran a web player and the unity preview and tested manually between them.

Did anyone do unit tests with gamesparks ? What would be the best way to automate testing multiplayer game?

I also posted a question at unity answers here:

Quote from it:

I want to run some automated multiplayer tests as close to real scenario as possible (so no 2 clients in the same unity app) I want to run the same game twice with different initial conditions. So start unity player parameters for tests to run , test parameters for test (player1/player2). so for example I would run two commands:

/>startUnity test1 player1

/>startUnity test1 player2

I am using gamesparks with their async API so I also don't seam to find any async testing framework out there.Gamesparks async api uses something similar to node style callback scheme.

What would be the best way to automate testing multiplayer scenarios like this? Any info/direction would be greatly apreciated

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Hi Ovidiu,

Were you able to settle on a method of Automated Unit Testing for your multi-player game?