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Out of the box resource generators

Many games have resources that generate over a given period of time like gold, stamina, etc. 

Currently implementing this is a bit of a pain because we have to manually save timestamps and make sure that this is always in sync with the client. It would be really easy and nice to use the scheduler for something like this but understandably it's not possible for a scheduled task to reschedule itself because of the possibility of creating an infinite loop. Or it could be done in the every minute script but iterating over all players seems like a bad idea. Still it would make my life and probably many other dev's lives much easier if we had something that would take care of this for us. I would like to see a system for resources and automatic resource generators as part of your built-in system.

Resources can be simple key-float value pairs. Gold, Wood, Stamina etc. This could be used for the named currency thing that I saw requested in a previous post.

Resource generators then should be kind of like items a player can hold. They would generate resources on a given interval. For example if I have a gold mine then my gold mine generates 10 gold a minute. However, some players might have two gold mines which would separately generate 10 resources a minute giving a total of 20. Resource generators could be either discreet or continuous. Maybe the game sparks platform itself could handle the syncing of these resources.

In the cloud code it would be convenient to also have a script that executes on resource generation so that custom code can be added. For continuously generating resources this might be a little more difficult so you could just put a limit on how frequently the event could run. 

A system like this would save me a lot of time.

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I would love to see something like this! Would be really useful. 

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Thanks Guys,

We have noticed a few people interested in this feature and we are looking into it.
For the moment though, this can all be done through cloud code, and a lot of the functionality would be specific to the kind of game you are creating. You can check out another forum post that addresses this topic here [], and let us know if you need any help.



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