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Test Harness interface

Test Harness interface is pretty good at the moment and is helpful before going for exact implementations to test out. However I would like to request/suggest few minor changes to it to improve the usability.

Case 1 :

Current Behaviour:

               In the request/response debug inspector, If i double click on a text its selecting whole response.

 "@class": ".AuthenticatedConnectResponse",
 "requestId": "0",
 "sessionId": "54c0caa2e4b0ae27f8ca0339"

If i double click on sessionID value the whole response is getting selected. (i'm on chrome + Mac - Yosemite)

Suggested Behaviour:

                Its good if it selects that particular text on double click and whole response on triple click as those are easy standards.

Case 2:

Current Scenario:

         If I'm testing with two players, its pretty hard if i need to get the SHORT_CODE's of any Challenge/Leaderboard/Event details. So if i need those, currently i'm opening lots of other windows and copying the data.

Suggested Scenario:

       Just have another window which just shows all the Short codes in a hierarchy manner. It makes the testing damn easier!

Case 3:

Searching Users : A small helper window with user search which returns their ID's will be awesome.

Let me know what you think about these suggestions.




1 Comment

Thanks for the suggestions Ayyappa,

We will look into these for the future.