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Platform Release 2015-01-19

817        Task       removeMembers() is not removing the owner of the team but GetMyTeamsRequest with OwnedOnly set to true, finds nothing.
651        Bug        We are not preventing a Team from being deleted if it is assigned to a Running Total
507        Bug        Not informing a user correctly if they try to delete a Leaderboard with a Challenge still attached
685        Bug        Cannot delete an event attribute if the event is linked to a leaderboard
199        Bug        Leaderboard partitions not being re-displayed after manual deletion
211        Story      GameCircle (Amazon) Authentication now available.
125        Story      Addition of AmazonBuyGoodsRequest
569        Story      Introduction of SendTeamMessageRequest to allow team chat
571        Story      Now able to use ListTeamMessageRequest to show team chat history
573        Story      The ownerId of a team can now be updated in cloud code using .setOwnerId()
695        Bug        Team permissions are set too high in nosql explorer, non-admins should also have write permissions
717        Bug        Addition of Amazon Product ID and its segmentation to the Virtual Good form