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Single Player Challenges

I was playing around the other day thinking about how I would put together an instanced RPG battle system in Game Sparks. Each battle would require the current state of the battle to be saved from event to event such as the enemy NPCs and their HP values. So, I thought the GameSparks Challenge event system could work well for this because it creates a challenge instance with data that can be accessed across all LogChallengeEventRequests. In a system like this most of the time battles would involve only one player. So starting a battle would require issuing a challenge and then immediately accepting and starting it. 

When I tried this though it didn't work and it appeared to be because you cannot start the challenge unless there is more than 1 player in the challenge. 

I understand the main purpose of the challenge system is to provide a system for players to interact with each other and it's intended function wasn't exactly this kind of thing, but forcing the challenge to have more than one player seems to me a bit of an arbitrary limitation. I can't see anything on the surface at least that looks like it would break if you allowed challenges with only 1 player to start.

I also believe there are plenty of use cases where a game might require a player to have a series of events have to have some kind of shared state. I realize that this can be implemented even without challenges, but it would be a nice bit of functionality to have right out of the box.

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Hi Cory,

I think you have a very good point, it's likely this scenario wasn't even considered when the Challenge system was implemented. I'll pass it on to the Platform Dev team. Thanks for the feedback!


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is there any update on this? we are building a game where up to 4 players can freely enter/exit challenges/rooms. so it'd be very helpful if the challenge can be started as soon as the 1st player enters the challenge. 

Any updates on this?  It would be nice if we could use the same challenge system and events to pit a player against an AI opponent.

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Seems to be a popular request... Any update in the last 2 years??

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Ok, 3 years have pased. Is there any update?


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