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Robert Segal:

Hey folks looking for UE4 SDK can't find it anywhere on your site but would love to evaluate it for a new project we are working on. Can you help locate it?

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The current SDK is available here []


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The current SDK is available here []


Hey Joshua

We're just finishing off the new version of the UE4 SDK with full blueprint support for all requests / responses & messages. 

We should have this available for beta early next week. Would you like to be involved in this ?


Any news on an updated UE4 SDK. I downloaded the latest and only has authentication. I am working on adding AccountsDetails. Was hoping for an official release with all the calls and examples for custom cloud calls. Thanks for the awesome products so far!




Thanks for your post.  The UE4 SDK is ready and the link you provided ( allows you to download it.  Documentation is being completed as we speak and these will all be moved over to be available directly from the portal when that is complete.

Please go ahead and start using the SDK - we would welcome your feedback on it.

Kind regards,


Sadly not. It seems it's going to be a while before the developers at GameSparks catch up with their marketing team.

You can see how it's going and keep an eye on it here:

UE4 SDK still not available yet? Will it be soon?

UE4 SDK still not out? 

I am also interested in the status of the UE4 SDK and im also developing on Windows and Targeting Windows PC and Android

Also interested in any news regarding the UE4 SDK, developing on Windows targeting Windows PC.

I'm very interested to check out a beta of this as well.  Developing on Windows with builds for OSX, iOS and Android.

Hi Gabriel,

I'm developing on Windows with remote build on OS X, targeting iOS and Android.



Hi Dustin

Could you let me know if you are using Windows or OSX development, and also what devices you are targetting?



Hi Gabriel,

Yes, I would like to participate.



Hi Dustin

I'm in a position to give you a beta release at the end of the week, would you be happy to participate in this?

Let me know and I'll get it out when it goes to the group.


What is the status of the UE4 SDK now?

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