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Platform Release 2014-12-10

 167    Story    Add SocialDisconnectRequest to allow players to unlink their accounts
171    Bug      Arrays displayed in the Debugger Context menu as array types.
75      Story    Provide alternative configuration for different segments
121    Story    SteamConnectRequest
85      Story    Add capability to change username using ChangeUserDetailsRequest
163    Story    Add .disconnect() on SparkPlayer to disconnect other players.
189    Story    switchIfPossible on social connect requests (Facebook, Twitter etc..)
205    Story    Autogenerate test harness requests
307    Bug      GlobalRankChangedMessage global message script not running
327    Bug      GloablRankChangedMessages "you" and "them" values not available to message summary
339    Bug      HTML open tags (<") on game details cause overview panels to be displayed incorrectly.
351    Bug      SparkRedis keys command is not trimming the prefix
353    Bug      SparkRedis commands need a datatype for autocomplete
527    Bug      Editing documents in NoSQLExplorer loses some type information