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Rules regarding tickets and forum posts.


Hi All,

We are restructuring our forum and ticket rules. We are trying to separate what the tickets and what the forums are for. The ticket system should primarily be used to log actual faults and bugs. Basically if something is not working that should be working you can and should log a ticket.

For help on how to implement features or you are implementing a feature and cannot figure out exactly how to get it working you can open a post in the forum. This will benefit everyone in the long run. What has been happening in the past is we have had people asking "How do I implement leader boards into Unity" and we will give an in depth answer but only that user will see.

If these Q+A's are all put into the forums then they are available to everyone so you can all benefit from the answers.

If people submit a ticket asking how to implement a feature then there is a good chance it will not be answered immediately which may delay your development time. We will end up taking it out of the tickets and posting it to the forum anyway before being answered.

Our tech support team are always monitoring the forums in order to answer as many questions as possible so this will be the most efficient way to get help going forward.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions please post them below. Il leave the topic open for a few days before locking the thread.

Thanks in Advance.

The GameSparks Team

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