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Dashboard interface to send messages/bonuses/rewards to all users or individual users.

I'd like an interface on the GameSparks dashboard to allow me to send every user or specific users (matching user ID) a message that when received in could fire a push notification, display a message, gift them some currency, item or send some scriptData so I can do some custom action in app.

This would be perfect for sending out holiday gifts and messages, thank you gifts, competition rewards (held outside the game such as on facebook) or compensation to players that experience issues with the game.

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Antony, this functionality is coming very shortly.  We are providing a form builder that allows developers to design and build management functions just like this.  We will let you know when it is available.


Before having a full dashboard, Is it possible to fetch all the player ids having "deviceRegIds"? I tried the following cloud code but it's not working:

    var playersCollection = Spark.runtimeCollection("player");
    var players = playersCollection.find({deviceRegIds:{$ne:{}}});
    while(players.hasNext()) {

 I suppose Spark.runtimeCollection("player"); is the not the right way to acces system collections.

I have the same question Christian Gauthier. Is it possible to access the list of playersCollection?

Regards, Esteban

Hi Esteban,

We are almost ready to release the ability to access the system collections in read only mode, it will be ready in the next couple of weeks. What I can suggest doing at the moment is when a user has registered, create a document containing their player Id, username, displayer or whatever information you need and then search that. You can generally use the information in that to do anything else on the platform.


OK thanks Shane

Hello Shane,

It's been a few couple of weeks :) Do you have a new release date on the ability to read system collections?

Hi Christian,

We are still optimizing the systemCollections for interaction with Cloud Code, as you can understand you could very easily break a game or start getting lots of weird errors by changing something within a system collection.

I've sent you an email to the address you use for GameSparks detailing things a little further.


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