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Platform Release - 2014-10-20

Defect    GS-997    Individual records cannot be removed from the NoSQL collections by non-admin users
Bug        GS-985    Freemarker error on trying to add ScriptMessage Extensions
Story      GS-984    The redundant Summary columns on the ScriptMessage Extensions have now been removed.
Story      GS-971    Included player external id's in challenge responses in the Test Harness
Story      GS-968    Added a new "Accept terms and conditions" to the Registration page
Bug        GS-966    Script Message Extensions, should be able to change shortCode in the form
Bug        GS-965    Script Message Extensions, deleting a script message "locks" the portal
Bug        GS-964    Message forms don't close when pressing Close or (x)
Bug        GS-963    Edit Challenge - Global label is enabled when Leaderboard is set to Scripted Outcome
Bug        GS-962    Create Achievement, hovering over help icon on shortCode and Filter Value, the help information appears out of bounds
Bug        GS-961    Edit Virtual Good - W8 Product ID will not save new value
Bug        GS-960    Create Team Type form throws unaggregated exception when using letters instead of numbers in Max Members & Max Membership Per User
Story      GS-942    Added a tour guide to a new user
Bug        GS-940    Event attribute shortCodes are now unique
Bug        GS-933    Collaborator permissions for Game Admins (Admin) and Non-Game Admins (ReadOnly) has been tidied up.
Bug        GS-931    Missing multiple help texts in Create Team Type form
Bug        GS-930    teamName missing in CreateTeamRequest sample JSON in the test harness
Bug        GS-920    Leaderboard attribute’s Summary field value not displayed if Event attribute Name has an apostrophe.
Defect    GS-914    Shortcodes in the message areas are now unique
Defect    GS-913    The Default field in ScriptMessage Extension is now unique.