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Platform Release 10-10-2014

Apologies for the untimely updates to this forum, we've got our process tightened up and this will be updated for each release going forward.





GS-794 As a {Developer} I want to {invite other developers to work on my game} so I can {give each developer on my team an account and we can collaborate on the same games}

GS-808 As a {Developer} I want to {show all configurator lists as searchable tables} so I can {Find items in large lists easily}

GS-828 Enhanced leaderboard list should have padding around the container

GS-812 As a {Developer} I want to {Perform a count with a query on the NOSQL REST interface} so I can {Count documents}

GS-845 NoSQL update tab shows a standard dropdown rather than selectpicker

GS-870 Collaborators do not see any games apart from their own on the nosql explorer and test harness pages

GS-869 As a {Developer} I want {collaborators to be copied automatically when I copy a snapshot} so I can {copy games and have the same team working on the copy}

GS-848 Leaderboard management screen

GS-873 Re-opening edited cloud code in IE11 metro on windows 8 does not show the latest changes

GS-902 Implement tern for better autocomplete in cloud code

GS-929 Partitions on LeaderboardManagement screen don't appear in any particular order



GS-803 Leaderboard partition not being created when ${today} is set as a Number

GS-804 Scheduled Leaderboard partition date format incorrect

GS-809 As a {Developer} I want to {be able to get a cursor in cloud code over leaderboard entries} so I can {process large numbers of entries in a single run}

GS-813 Achievement trigger filter value can be null when filtering in not wildcard, causes NPE

GS-841 If the users score is negative the leaderboard rankings will be incorrect

GS-628 As a {Developer} I want to {Schedule the reset of a leaderboard} so I can {Have time based dynamic leaderboards}

GS-810 As a {Developer} I want to {configure a leaderboard to delete partitions after a period of time} so I can {get rid of old leaderboard data automatically}

GS-819 As a {Developer} I want to {Send Kindle push notifications}

GS-820 As a {Developer} I want {the AccountDetailsResponse to include external profile information} so I can {use this information in my game}

GS-826 Get player userName from SparkPlayer

GS-827 As a {Developer} I want {the leaderbaord responses to include external profile information} so I can {use this information in my game}

GS-829 Support base64 encoded receipt from apple

GS-842 As a {Developer} I want to {Limit access to my game to certain countries} so I can {Stop unwanted locations accessing it}

GS-872 Callback url's not getting passed query string

GS-875 Allow simple text output from callback url via a new Spark method

GS-887 Posting to Partitioned Leaderboards will still generate a high score message even if notifications are switched off

GS-821 As a {Developer} I want {Social ConnectRequest requests to optionally error rather than switch player} so I can {prompt players if they want to switch accounts or not}

GS-877 Selective cache flushing using globs

GS-896 Include leaderboard entry in LeaderboardDataRequest and AroundmeLeaderboardDataRequest when social=true and player has no friends.

GS-882 Comparable Leaderboards

GS-886 Partitions are not copying the notifications config from the parent leaderboard, so are using the defaults rather than the configured options

GS-889 Get leaderboards by wildcard

GS-892 Hide/Restore or Delete a player from all leaderboards

GS-895 Achievement GlobalRankPercentage

GS-900 GetDownloadableRequest should return file size in the response

GS-898 Google Play GameServices Authentication Story

GS-906 The old SparkImpl.find method that takes a projection is not actually using the projection given when getting the results

GS-928 Weekly and monthly reset leaderboards are attempting to be archived every night

GS-899 SocialConnect requests with optional parameter to create new player

GS-901 As a {developer} I want to be able to {limit the maximum allowable number of virtual goods a player can purchase}

GS-912 Android push notification customisation



GS-734 As a {Developer} I want {the JS Debugger to render high definition text on a retina display} so I can {see text more clearly}

GS-776 JavaScript Debugger not showing variable info for function scoped variables

GS-950 Debugging operations on meta collections fails



GS-724 How to create indexes for custom game collections (and why you should)

GS-733 How to do an in app purchase

GS-866 Request documentation contains hand-crafted example responses that are getting out of step with the generated docs. Documentation



GS-871 Autogenerate Marmalade Code for GameSparks API