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Browser Tab Names

I like to run with multiple browser windows open to different portions of the Portal. It would be really good if the area of the portal were listed in the window name so it would show up in my browser tab. Currently all of them show up as "GameSparks Developer Portal". Instead if I could see: "NoSQL - GameSparks Developer Portal" or "Test Harness - GameSparks Developer Portal" etc then I would know which Tab was which at a glance.

Thanks for listening. Also if there is a better way to send feature requests, let me know.


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Hey jared,

Seems like an easy change to make - we will add it to the backlog.

Thanks for suggestion.


Seconded - i usually have four to five tabs open. Great feature request.

- Toby.

Hi everyone,

There's a cool plugin for Chrome that will help you out in the meantime, I use it myself, sometimes for this reason.

RenameTab Chrome Extension

Hope it helps!


That works as a stop gap :)

Thanks Shane!

- Toby

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