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Facebook Canvas & Unity


I've been looking into creating a game that both leverages social media, specifically Facebook, to attract a large user base and is created with Unity. 

In order to take full advantage of all of the deployment options offered by Unity I wanted to create the game to work with on mobile platforms and natively in the browser with Facebook canvas. To make the game available for Facebook canvas I would need to host the Unity binary with access via a URL. I was wondering if this would be a feature that GameSparks would consider offering?

I am pretty sure we can do this for you?  We would effectively host this on blob storage and provide you with the URL.  We just need to modify the Downloadable screen to allow you mark a file as unprotected.  Cost for this should be minimal and based on the filesize etc so when you know more we can look at this for you.



I'd also love to have this ability. It seems Facebook Canvas is now a requirement to use invites so I think it'd be pretty beneficial to have access to all GameSparks features on Canvas as well.

Oh wait... it seems to work when i run a WebPlayer local build. I'll have to test it when I'm running from my web server. I thought it wasn't working at all but it was the Facebook Plugin that wasn't. Sorry for the confusion.

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